Patrick T. Gorman's Assorted Works


2013 marked the debut of QUENTIN MCFURY - THE LAST DEFENDER, the first book of Patrick T. Gorman's QUENTIN MCFURY series.  It quickly became a cult YA sci-fi hit that told the story of a Nebraska teen who fell asleep in class, only to awake and find himself the only human still left on Earth.  The story takes Quentin on adventures throughout the galaxy, meeting a tall purple gal, a robot made of balls, and flying spaceships to save Earth, all before he gets his driver's license.  

Praise for Quentin McFury - The Last Defender

"The best and only way to describe Quentin McFury: He's sort of like if Douglas Adams and Nick Hornby had a love child and it was up to that kid to save the universe. I fell in love with Quentin as he bumbled his way through the galaxy. And I'll be honest, he broke my heart a little along the way." 

 - Sarah Watson, Writer for NBC's Parenthood and The Middleman

"Patrick T. Gorman's lush, marvelous worlds have stuck with me, in the same way the vibrant on- and off-line landscapes of Ready Player One have. But his are, perhaps, even more original."  

- Maggie Bandur, Writer for NBC's Community and The Michael J. Fox Show

"For all the young adult novels being released, we haven't seen much sci-fi.  Gorman not only fills this void, but he does so skillfully.  Quentin McFury is a clever story that takes readers to worlds that are truly alien.  A wild ride through a fresh, unique universe, Quentin McFury is a must-read!"


Click on the cover to buy it now!  The second book in the series will debut in 2016 from KMRIA Publishing.






Written and directed by Patrick in 1995 as part of an Experimentals class with esteemed Professor John Blankenchip at the University of Southern California's School of Theatre, this loving breakneck roller coaster of a show dedicated to the Star Wars films hyperspaces on even today.  George Lucas called Star Wars in 30 Minutes “extremely funny”, the Los Angeles Times said it recalls “the glory days of Second City, if not the earlier funny episodes of Saturday Night Live”, and Variety declares a “smash hit” and “unflailingly imaginative!”

Star Wars in 30 Minutes had its world premiere at the 1996 Edinburgh Fringe Festival to extraordinary critical and commercial success.  Since then, the production has traveled this planet (and possibly a couple others, but DEFINITELY not Hoth) including a command performance for Mr. George Lucas himself at Skywalker Ranch.  The production has returned many times to the Edinburgh Fringe Festival and was also one of the opening productions of the French American Center in Paris.

The show has also performed at several Star Wars Celebrations (the official Lucasfilm Star Wars conventions), for which thrilled audiences regularly stood in line for hours, and completed a repeatedly sold-out year-long run at the Coronet Theatre in Los Angeles that delighted die-hard fans and birthed a new cult tradition.  The production has received rave reviews from Variety, CNN, BBC, Fox, ABC's Nightlinethe Los Angeles Times, USA Today, the Sunday London Times, and many others, and has established a loyal, rabid, and enthusiastic fan-base.